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Week in Review 29th September 2013

I'm probably in very good company when I say this, but I had way too many beers while watching the AFL Grand Final yesterday. So this morning, instead of going for my usual long Sunday run, I'm writing this post while nursing a hangover. Needless to say, I regret the copious amounts of alcohol consumed and the drunken dancing that followed but I can justify it all by saying I had a bloody good time.

I probably could still go for a run but it would not be any fun at all. Instead I've taken the sensible approach and will run into work tomorrow morning. I'm fairly dehydrated and I skipped dinner last night so I'll use today to rehydrate and refuel.

The rest of my week went really well. I started off with a suffer fest of a long run last Sunday. For the first time I tried a new route which took in Merri Creek and Darebin Creek in one massive 31km loop of the northern suburbs. It was actually a really nice running course and there were only a few small sections where I was running on road. However, with the Sun out on a day of clear blue sky, and with a challenging, undulating course, I really struggled after about the 25km mark and spent a large part of the remaining 6km walking.

One of the problems I had was a lack of water fountains along the course. After refilling my 700mL water bottle at a fountain in Darebin Parklands, there were no further drinking fountains along the course so I had to make sure I rationed my water for the last 11km. It would be great for all recreational users if Darebin council put in drinking fountains along Merri and Darebin Creeks.

I finished in just over 3 hours, making it my longest run both in terms of duration and distance. The effort took its tole on my feet, with a few blisters and one black toenail. I can only imagine what running the full marathon will do to them!

I was sore for the next few days after that. I squeezed in a strength training session with a focus on my core on Tuesday and didn't run again until Wednesday morning when I ran into work. I took a fairly direct course with a slight detour through Carlton and the CBD for a total distance of about 16.5km. It was a reasonably warm morning but I enjoyed the run which took me about 85 minutes.

On Friday I did about an hour of strength training, concentrating on my legs. I also got a nice surprise in the mail. My Melbourne Marathon race pack arrived! I'll be number 3327. Interestingly, the timing device is attached to the back of the race number, rather than being something you tie to your shoe laces. It's only two weeks away to race day now. Can't wait to run into the MCG and cross that finish line!

Melbourne Marathon race number
My Melbourne Marathon race kit has arrived!

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